Professional career Linda Mae Douglas

Around mid 1987, after having lived and worked in Holland as manager of the offshore/trust department of a leading law firm in Amsterdam for approximately five years, Linda returned to her native island Curaçao. For the first two years she was placed in charge of the trust department of the prestigious (international) law firm Van Eps Kunneman Van Doorne (then called Promes, Van Doorne & Sjollema). In 1989 Linda was admitted to the Netherlands Antilles bar and continued working as an associate with EKvD, the last two years as a partner.

During her professional career at EKvD Linda became an expert and one of the best known lawyers in the field of intellectual property law, litigating in cases of infringement on behalf of internationally well-known copyright and brand owners. Besides, her practice included the rendering of legal opinions and advising and litigating in matters of, inter alia, corporate law, labour law, insurance law and contract law.

At the end of 1999 Linda left the firm of Van EKvD and went on a long leave to Northern California, where she stayed for a little over two years. After her return to Curaçao she decided to broaden her experience and to accept the offer made to her by a fast growing commercial bank in Curaçao, where she assumed the position of in-house legal counsel.

After a successful career of 7 ½ years in the banking field, Linda and her identical twin sister Joyce, who is a fiscal advisor with an accounting background, joined forces and decided to realize their long-lived dream to one day work side by side. On December 14, 2009 they incorporated Douglas & Douglas Legal, Fiscal & Accounting Services Ltd. The firm officially opened its doors on February 1, 2010.

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